Mean Mom

Sometime last week Jack's class took a poll of everyone's favorite cereals.  He told me about it when he got home and I asked him what some of his classmates said.
"Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, you know sugar cereals".
Then I asked what his favorite was.
"Honey Nut Cheerios, because you don't let me eat those other kinds."
"It's too bad you have such a mean mom."
His response blew me away.
"No, you're not a mean mom.  They other moms are because they give their kids cereal that's not healthy."
Now, I of course don't think those moms are mean (or bad) moms and I told Jack as much.  Our kids can choose those other cereals as a treat when we're traveling or on vacation.  But what really struck me is that he gets why we don't have them in our house on a regular basis.  Even though there may be complaints at the grocery store, when it comes down to it he understands why Jeff and I have the rules we have.  And he knows that they are what they because we want to instill in him and his siblings the best habits we can.
That feels good.
And it will make those complaints at the store a bit easier to take.
Hopefully, he'll maintain this perspective as we continue to enforce "mean mom" rules.


I told my sister this story and she said she vividly remembers my mom not allowing us to have any cereal that had more than 6g of sugar.  I guess its generational.  :)


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