Our Mother’s Day

The view from my blanket

I’ll be honest.  While I love my mom and think she is so amazing and I love being a mom myself, I think Mother’s Day is for the birds.  As I told someone recently, I’d rather be appreciated on a normal day not just because it’s mandated.

I don’t know, it just seems forced.  (Sorry, Mom for the bad attitude.  Hopefully you feel loved and appreciated 365 by your kids and grandkids!!)

With that in mind, my only request was that we work in the yard.  Oh, and a nap.  (This was the view from our picnic blanket in the backyard when I stretched out for a brief snooze.)  So, we went to church and then spent the rest of the day in the yard.  I’ll admit, we all started out a bit grumpy but it ended up being a great day.  And I got a nap.  And then slept well at night.


In all honesty, it is easy for someone like me to take motherhood for granted.  I’ve always wanted to be a mom and didn’t have to try hard or wait long for that to happen.

Sadly, I am quick to be overwhelmed and ungrateful, dare I say in really selfish moments…bitter.

But when it comes down to it, if I successfully accomplish one thing in my life I want to be a good mom.   My three are amazing blessings and such huge responsibilities.  I want to do my best.

And so I think that every day should be Mother’s Day.  Each day is important.  A day to be appreciated but more importantly to serve.

A treasure.


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