The Simple Life

I’ve come to realize that May is likely more busy than December.  As summer approaches, the tempo of life picks up into a crescendo that brings the school year to an end.

Thankfully, we’ve had a few days of space.  Time to be and enjoy our days and moments without the rush and the craziness.

Yes to the mess

The kids painted without me worrying about time, mess, or hassle.

Little hands in the kitchen

We measured, stirred, licked spoons and enjoyed our creations.

Renew and taking time to enjoy the show

I sat, with tea, and enjoyed song after song. (Isn’t that cup perfect?)

He loves his chicks!!

We got to know the girls a bit better.

Morning light

I noticed the morning light.

Evening light

And the evening light.

In all of that, I realized how much more content we all are.  How smoothly our days went.  This, of course, brings the need for evaluation.

Sure, all of the extras (soccer, scouts, baseball, etc.) are great.


When do the kids get to ride their bikes, stare at the chickens and just be kids?    How many nights a week should we eat dinner together (without hurry) at the table?  What good things are we willing to set aside in order to gain this space?

Just because everyone else is crazy busy doesn’t mean we have to be.

So, we have discussions ahead of us and  decisions to make.  There will surely be sacrifices made and possibly tears shed but it will be for good.

I’m really looking forward to the year ahead.


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