In the Kitchen, Summer Edition

End of summer lunch
Summer has definitely arrived here in Northern Colorado and with that comes higher temps in our non-air conditioned house.  Not only do we naturally want lighter meals, I also try to limit my stove and oven use to help keep the house cool(er).  Burgers, grilled chicken and other common summer meals definitely find their spot on our meal plan but I thought it would be fun to share some of other favorites.
Meals in high rotation this summer include:
:: Ancho Chicken Tacos
:: Red Pesto Ravioli
:: Flank steak w/ McCormick's Montreal Seasoning
:: Tacos with Crockpot Refried Beans and Mexican rice (I plug the crockpot in on the deck!)
:: Weekly pizza night on the grill
We discovered the Sangria from Men's Health this past weekend and it is delicious.  We're also enjoying the Vihno Verde that they recommended.  In fact, I think it has officially become our wine of choice for Summer 2011.
As for the dish in the picture, that is probably Jeff's and my favorite summer dish of all time.  It's Pasta Bella from The Junior League of Seattle's Simply Classic.  It is so delicious however the large amounts of blue cheese and brie take it off the kid friendly list and thus only makes an appearance once or twice a year.
How about you, what are your summer favorites this year?


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