Not a total flunky


365 in 2011, a set on Flickr.

At the first of the year, I started a 365 project. That is to take (and post) a picture a day for 2011. I’ve finally uploaded all that I have to flickr and while I haven’t taken one each day I’ve done pretty well. It’s really fun for me look back on the year thus far. In fact, I’m thinking I might have them all printed in a mini-book of some sort once we’re on to 2012.  You can click on the “365 in 2011” link above to see them all.

I also set the goal of reading 52 books this year.

Let’s just say, I’m a little behind.

I’ve read 17 and am half way through number 18. If my counting is correct, we’re on week 30 of this year. I’m hoping that all of the plane time in my future will help me catch up.  Some of my traveling is alone or with Jeff so that may actually happen though I’m sure our long trip will be filled with keeping kids busy.


4 thoughts on “Not a total flunky

  1. I love your variety of photos for your project (I just added you as a contact on Flickr – you’re welcome to see my photos as well, if you like)! I’ve been thinking about doing a project like this myself, and maybe this is just the push I needed! 😉

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