This house


As the movers are busy doing their thing, I’ve been reflecting (with a little help from my loves) on our three years here.

This house…

is where my babies became kids.

is where we entered the world of school boards, PTO, soccer, homework, baseball and more.

is where we made our first batch of jam.

is where we became a Mac family.

is where we experienced all four glorious seasons.

was our most beloved house, a special house to us. (jack)

is where the teeth started falling out.

has a lot of boxes on it. (Morgan)

is where we spent out first deployment as a family.

is where I started being truly, deeply honest with myself and others.

is where we enjoyed being close to extended family, especially my grandpa who loved having three of his great grandkids two hours away.

is where we took our first steps into farming with a garden and chickens.

is where we lived the longest and felt most at home.

Italy will be a great detour but we are confident that what follows will be home. Family, farm, friends, seasons and so much more.


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