One of my favorite places to visit in the blog world is Habit. It is full of both visual and written inspiration in a very simple format. Typically, there are several invited guests who post daily for a month. For November, however, everyone can play (at Flickr with a few posting to the blog each day) and these past few days I've joined in.

Since I'm so behind in everything else I thought I'd share my images from the week.

November 13
Sunday Morning

Baking birthday cupcakes for school and chugging emergen-c, this mama can't get sick. I have an 8th birthday to celebrate tomorrow.

November 14
November 14

Some people seem to think we're on a four-year Italian vacation. We're living life. That means a boy (and his siblings) can get sick on his birthday. Still, thankful.

November 16
November 16

We're such a great team. He's really stepped up these past few days. Love.

November 17
November 17

I slept in. After a week (or more) in a funk, I no longer feel funky. In fact, I feel excited about the season ahead.

November 18
November 18

We had two great conferences with the kids' teachers. Despite the craziness of the past months, they are excelling.

November 19
November 19

After having the kids home sick all week and him working this weekend spending Monday home alone is sounding mighty good.

I did discover a benefit of being behind with picture posting/sharing.  I found a family picture from our Disneyland trip that no one has seen.  Guess what's on our Christmas card this year!  Yes, after two years of opting out, we're back in.

Happy weekending, all.


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