Venice canal
One of the first places we wanted to visit when we got here was Venice. Jeff was here years ago on his way home from a deployment and always said it was the favorite of all the cities he's every visited. So, our second weekend in Italy we hopped on a train and headed to Venice. I should have been a bit concerned when we saw at least five cruise ships in port. But it didn't really register until we started walking around.
Holy cow, that is a lot of extra tourists in an already very busy city.
Don't get me wrong, Venice is beautiful. But I was a bit disappointed. Jeff had built it up so much and our experience with the kids was a bit different than his (with friends, at age 22, after 6 months in the middle east and with likely vast amounts of wine involved).
We didn't plan our visit well enough and started following the signs to St. Mark's square but that's a long walk when your four, six and seven. Plus, despite how often we tell them what a great opportunity living here is, our three still haven't fully grasped the idea of going on a trip to see the pretty sights. They want to know what we are going to do.
Our only saving grace was the gelato.
St Mark's

Outdoor cafe in Venice
So, yes, we did go to Venice. We had a nice lunch, saw some sights and had a few family "moments." Thankful for all of it and the reminder to adjust expectations.
Experiences, indeed.


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