A Breath of Fresh Air

Thankfully, my mood lifted significantly after my last post.  We have had a really great week.  Jeff has been off and we’ve enjoyed hanging out just the five of us.  Somedays, were spent just hanging out at home and others we were out and about.  Of course there have been moments, every family has those, but overall it’s really been delightful.  I guess that’s the good thing about having such a hard Christmas is that the next one can almost always be better.  So, after last year with Jeff in Iraq and the rest of us enduring “Puke Fest 2010” I should have known it would be good.


On Friday, we loaded up the car and drove to Trieste for the day.  As soon as we stepped out into the ocean air I felt at peace.  Once again I was reminded that the water is my happy place.  I mentioned that to Jeff but of course he already knew.  That’s why we were there.  Our main destination was Miramare Castle.  It was beautiful.  We did go in and all enjoyed that but the best part was walking around the grounds and surrounding park.  More than one of us commented that it was like being at the zoo (without the animals, of course!).    We enjoyed a delicious lunch (fettuccine frutti di mare for me, yum!), walked along the water a bit and then headed home.

new jammies

We spent Christmas Eve mainly at home.  I used the morning to prep dinner and breakfast for the following day.  We watched movies and hung out.  There is a town near us, Poffabro, that has several hundred nativities set up.  Hoping to miss the crowds and parking nightmare, we went in the late afternoon and enjoyed walking through the town.  After that it was our traditional lasagna for dinner, new pjs, FaceTime with Grammy and Grandpa then reading the Christmas Story from Luke.

The Christmas Story

Sharing the duties

Jeff read most of it but Jack read the last few verses.  I loved that they shared the duties.

Checking out their stockings


Spy Connor

I woke at 4:55 to sweet Connor saying “I can’t believe it is Christmas, I’ve waited the whole calendar for today.”  How can you argue with that?  He cuddled with us until 5:30 when Jack and Morgan came in and we headed downstairs.  The day was full of gifts, more FaceTime, guitar hero, playing with new toys and just hanging out.  Jeff and I each even took naps.  It was like a breath of fresh air.  Just what we needed.


On Monday we got back in the car and headed up into the mountains to sled.  My word are the Dolomites gorgeous!  We found more snow than we expected (and thus weren’t fully prepared) but we enjoyed a few runs, a picnic lunch and coffee at the rifugio. The kids fell asleep on the way back so Jeff and I were able to enjoy the view and some actual conversation.

On a walk/ride

Yesterday was another chill at home day as is today.  We went down to the bike/walk trail this morning and it felt good to get some exercise and fresh air.  Jeff’s back to work tomorrow so I’ll need to be on my game for the long days ahead with all three home until next week.

It feels good to have caught our collective breaths heading into the new year.  I hope each of you feel the same way.

Here we go.


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