Clean Food Challenge

Today is the day that we start the 10 Day Challenge.  

This isn't going to be as much of an adjustment for us as it is for many.  We already eat whole grains, natural sugars (lots of honey and syrup with a bit of turbinado) mainly whole foods and rarely eat fast food (they just don't have it here and we're never on base).  

In fact, when I told Jeff about it he said, "no problem."

The challenge is going to be sugar.  I know how pervasive HFCS is and it is the rare exception when it comes into our home.  But I got a sure awakening when I did our pre-challenge shop.  

Sugar is everywhere.

Mustard? Check.  Salsa? Check.  My beloved spicy sriracha sauce?  Check.


And when there's not sugar there is just so much added crap.  Again, gross.

Now, let me stop right here and say that none of this, not the clean(er) eating, meal planning or shopping happened overnight.  This part of our family live has been evolving slowly over the past few years.

We aren't perfect.  

Both Jeff and I could stand to lose weight.  Just today we ran out of cumin for the refried beans.  When we're in the states we occasionally eat fast food. But we put one foot in front of the other and plug away.


For the next 10 days we'll be following the plan.  The kids are on board though they know that if someone brings cupcakes to school they are welcome to have one.  Connor eats lunch everyday at asilo (we're talking an awesome Italian feast each day).  He won't be getting whole wheat pasta or bread there and I'm fine with that.

Since I feel pretty good about where we're at already, I decided to add a little extra fun to the mix and am going coffee and alcohol free.  My coffee consumption is ridiculous and well, I live in Italy and have enjoyed the benefits of local wineries.  So, it's two cups of green tea a day and water for me. I've got meals and snacks planned and the tea pot on for hot lemon water.  

Here we go.  


2 thoughts on “Clean Food Challenge

  1. Here we get it from the local butcher. I’m not sure exactly how “clean” it is but I’m confident it is more local than what is available on base. In the states, we ordered our beef through the family of an acquaintance. We never found a good source for chicken.

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