On my Nightstand

January 18

Well, then.  

That was an unplanned little break.  And I felt like I was on such a roll.


I guess one of the reasons I haven't been here is because I've been busy reading.  I finished three books in January (one was 600 pages) and one so far in February so it seems reasonable that my total should be at least six.  All four are those I recommend highly.

"7" by Jen Hatmaker is a wreck your life kind of book.  First, I must say that I want to move to Austin and join the church she and her husband started.  I love what they are doing there.  They are doing real, honest church instead of what church seems to have become in much of America but that's another post. 

This book is a really honest look at all of the excess and abundance we have in our lives and follows Jen as she limits excess in 7 specific areas of her life.  She is honest, challenging and funny all at the same time.

"The Nineteenth Wife" by  David Ebershoff.  This was the 600 pager.  I think the fact that I actually finished it (in decent time, I might add) speaks volumes.  It's a look at early and modern day polygamy in the Mormon church.  Yes, it's fiction but much of it is based on great research (as far as I can tell).  I'll leave the debate to my mormon friends who are much more informed than I.  Needless to say, true or not, it was a great read.

"Kisses from Katie" by Katie Davis.  Seriously.  This girl is living life.  She is now a twenty something living in Uganda with 13 adopted daughters.  Not only that but her ministry is helping 100+ kids go to school and providing meals to many more.  You hear so often about being the "hands and feet" of Jesus.  She's doing it.

"Barnheart" by Jenna Woginrich.  Yes, here I go again with the farm books.  I can't help myself.  This is the memoir of a 20 something who suffers from a condition she coins "barnheart" and how she works her way to curing it.  If you've ever dreamed of a farm or even a few chickens this is a great read.

I've also started "The China Study" which is such an important read.  

Plus am doing a little studying of my own.

I have quite a "to read" list but next up is to re-read 1000 Gifts.  This was by far my favorite book of last year and on my all time favorite list.  

Yet, I quit counting.  

So, I'm going to go back, reread and embrace the joy of every day gifts.

On that note, I picked up a few extra copies of 1000 Gifts and would love to share them with you.  I have five so let me know in the comments if you are interested and I'll be in touch.  :)

Happy reading, friends.  I hope to be back more regularly as things have settled down a bit here on the home front.


2 thoughts on “On my Nightstand

  1. I have been told by several people that I should read 1000 gifts. 🙂 so….I am not much of a reader these days but I will add it to my to-do list!

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