Recently in our Kitchen

Apple Cranberry Crumble

While I've been a bit absent in this space, my kitchen has seen more of me than ever. Jeff and I really value quality whole foods and the fact is that preparing them take time. So, much of my day is spent baking bread, prepping meals, making snacks, etc.

Butternut Squash

Some of the things we've tried recently include:

This Tortilla Soup is delicious and so full of veggies. I will admit that I made this for lunch and never offered it to the kids so I can't comment on how they received it.

Enchiladas are a staple for us. I recently tried tortilla lasagna. Basically I made my usual enchiladas but rather than rolling them I layered the torts and the filling into a lasagna. Very good and less time consuming.

A dear friend sent me this recipe for lentil tacos. I made a version and Jeff declared that we never needed to use beef for tacos again. (The kids ate them but were a bit less excited about lentil only tacos forever.)

Roasted Chimichangas have appeared a few times though I ditch the chicken and load up on beans.

These Pumpkin Ricotta Stuffed Shells are in the works for tonight though I'm making butternut squash puree (no pumpkin to be found) and using a quick homemade tomato sauce.

There have been several other new recipes from Heather's workshop but those aren't mine to share.

All I will say is that I really recommend her workshops, especially if you are just starting out in exploring the whole food lifestyle.

Be well this week.  

I know we're experiencing some spring like weather and starting to think about getting our garden ready. Berries, melon and so much more are right around the corner.


3 thoughts on “Recently in our Kitchen

  1. Oh I so miss my granola friend, with the perfect life! Looks like italy is wearing well on the fam! Wish I could come visit!!!
    Love ya, Kerri
    Ps I think u everytime I climbed my stairs and look at my cuties on the wall u captured!

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