Around the house


It's a beautiful day here.  Nearly 65 degrees.  The windows are open and I'm not only enjoying the fresh air but also the sounds of birds chirping and kids playing.  I'm wanting to be in this space more regularly but the words just aren't coming.  The pictures haven't been either so I decided to just pick up my camera and walk around the house shooting whatever catches my eye.  


I finally learned how to purl.  I feel like a proper knitter now.  Maybe soon I'll take the leap from hats to something bigger.  A sweater perhaps?  With my pace, I really should start now and it might be ready come next winter.  


The laundry.  It. never. ends.  


Someone forgot to make her bed before school.  I love the bright colors and piles of blankets.  A girl after my own heart.


The boys' room was totally dark except for this bit of light.  He made this crown at school last week in preparation for Carnivale.


It felt good to pick up the camera and show up here.  That has to count for something.  


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