One year

A year ago today, our family was celebrating (and adjusting to) the return of our  guy from Iraq.  While he had deployed many times while we dated, this was the first true deployment in our 12 year marriage.

I can’t even believe that it’s been a year and I had absolutely no idea 365 day ago what was to come but I’m thankful.

He’s home.  We’re together.  We’re safe.

I only pray it were true for all of our military.

While I try to refrain from political/military comments, would you pray or send good thoughts to our military members away from their families today.  Regardless of how you feel politically, it is hard for them and those that love them.  These men and women need our love regardless of our politics.

Wishing you peace this weekend.

*Here’s a glimpse at what I was thinking last year just before he came home.


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