On knitting

Over three years ago, my sister, Susan and her family made their first visit to Ft. Collins.  Susan and I were able to get away for a few hours (as I recall it was Valentine’s Day) to explore Old Town.  We both had wanted to learn to knit and thus made our way to a local yarn shop.  With zero knowledge we each bough needles and yarn determined to produce something.  That evening, after a family dinner, the guys headed off to the movies while Susan and I settled in with YouTube determined to learn to knit.  (Yes, it was Valentine’s Day, you can tell none of us care since we spent approximately zero time with our spouses.)

Fast forward three years.  I started and restarted my scarf several times.  (Note to self, a scarf is a crappy first project for those with immediate gratification problems.)  Susan started and restarted and now doesn’t remember the stitches.

All of this to say, life happens.  And knitting is a challenge.

But, I found my way back.  The project that brought me back was actually not knitting related at all.  It was Interwoven another wonderful collabaration from the women of 3191 (along with Quince & Co.).  I first saw this project mentioned on their blog while we were still in the states and ordered it to be waiting for me when we arrived.  I fell hard and immediately ordered yarn.

That’s when my shift from half-hearted knitter to lover of yarn began.  The yarn I bought was good quality yarn but it didn’t feel like this.  I made a few necklaces and then picked up the knitting needles again once we were unpacked.  I finally got it (thanks to lots of practice and buying the book “Stitch and Bitch.”

As of this weekend, I’ve finished four hats and learned to purl.

I’ll be honest they aren’t perfect due to my approximations of the pattern (my needles are a bit smaller than what the pattern called for though I tried to account for that) and apparently very tight knitting style but I really like them and am so proud to have finished them. I’m even dreaming of a sweater.  (I better start now in order to finish by 2015.)

I’ve ordered more needles, have yarn on hand and am ready to start another one.  I also ordered a few crochet hooks in hopes of making some Granny Squares.

The best part of all of this, is that these four hats are headed to Craft Hope Project 16.  And that is something that makes me very happy.

{One reason I think it took me so long to fall in love with knitting is that the first project I started (and restarted) was a scarf using relatively small needles and thin yarn.  Let’s just say that as one who likes to quick progress, that was a bad combo.}


3 thoughts on “On knitting

  1. I taught myself to knit. I made a few washcloths and a few scarfs. but….I quit. 😦 maybe someday I will pick it up again. I am impressed with the hats. I was not able to make anything that was not flat!

  2. I have to confess that this pattern was knit flat and then sewn together. I’m hoping to tackle the circular needles soon.

  3. I took the train last weekend to Washougal and brought some yarn and circle needles. I got on the train and picked my window seat looking around to see who I could ask to help me get started on my project. As I sat there with my glasses on, my needles and yarn in my lap,feeling the relaxation of the train ride……the thought of “oh my gosh I am getting in the old group now” Then I laughed and my eyes focused on two elderly women…..Yes!!!! I found someone to help me. They taught me how to cast on and I sat for a while and took it all in and I got started my lime green leg warmers. I couldn’t stop once I got started. I love it!!! I think I need to get back on the train and find some more sweet old ladies to help me finish it. I am stuck now but figure it out. The dish rags are next and then a hat and my dream like Beths is to someday knit a sweater!!!! I decided I wanted to try and do something relaxing for myself and I FOUND IT!!!! Thank you Beth for all your stories you write. I love them……I am ready to look at my beautiful grandchildren again..hint hint xo

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