Today I'm…

Drinking lots of water.

Planning a trip to Tuscanny.  Five nights in the country with my sister and her family.

Listening to a lot of quiet with the occasional neighborhood chicken making herself known.  (And looking forward to add our own girls soon.)

Counting my fruit and veggie intake as I've been seriously lacking of late.

Anticipating the end of Jack's basketball season.  He loves it but last night I was reminded how enjoyable a week night evening when we're all home with no where to go.  It seems about time for a break.

Reading "Quitter" by Jon Acuff.  So much good stuff to think about when considering following your dreams.

Wondering if tomorrow's the day these flowers make their appearance.  I'm thinking they are daffodils but part of the fun in having a new yard is delightful surprises.

Wishing for a do-over of this morning and planning to start fresh after school. Needing to clean up the kitchen and start afternoon/dinner prep.

Feeling thankful.


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