A Little of This and a Little of That

Wednesday Morning

This morning didn’t get off to a very good start. Actually, it really is last night’s fault. I had a commitment right after dinner and Jeff left for one right after I got home. Amidst the craziness, the kitchen didn’t get completely clean, clothes weren’t laid out and I stayed up too late reading. Throw in a rough night with bad dreams and coughing kids, I decided to sleep in until just before the kids got up.

Not a good idea.

I relearn this lesson every few weeks (yep, call me a slow learner) get back on track and then decide after a few good mornings that I really don’t need that hour to wake up, read a little, empty the dishwasher, start lunches, etc. I’ve spent all morning trying to make up for those darn 30 minutes and it’s not happening.


I got to catch up with a dear friend yesterday. She shared some about her recent month long, extreme focus on whole foods. The results amazed me. It felt like another gentle reminder that I’m on the right path. We’re continuing to make additional improvements and changes in our own family as well. It feels good.


School has been a struggle for our three since we got here. There is a whole host of reasons for that but it has been heartbreaking for me as all three of them always loved school in the past. They are too young to not be excited to go see their teachers and classmates each day. We’re gearing up to make some changes next year. Rather than all three of them being at the American school on base, Connor will stay at his asilo one more year and Morgan and Jack will move to the Italian elementary school in our town. We’ve spoken with lots of different people, toured the school, met the teacher and are making plans to ease the transition. It will be hard. I have no doubt about that. But in the end, our hope is that it will be so worth it. This is after all, the experience of a lifetime.

right path


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