Dinner Conversation


I spent a bit of time going through my Pinterest Boards this morning.  My goal was to see how much of my "pinning" actually turns to "doing." One of the ideas I came across (again) was a jar of dinner questions.  I love this!  Our three are old enough where we can have some definite conversation (though not all of these suggestions are appropriate for us, yet).  So, I printed off a bunch of the ideas as well as added my own.


Here are a few of my spinoffs.  Of course, the sky's the limit. *  Tell me three things you remember about Ft. Collins.  San Antonio. *  What's the best thing about Daddy being in the military?  The worst? *  Do you think recess is important?  Why? * What is the hardest part of your life? * Tell us about school.  What do you like?  Dislike? * What do you like about our family?  What would you change? * Chocolate or vanilla ice cream? What questions will you be asking tonight?


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