Week in the Life {Thursday}


(Yes, at a stoplight!)

So, I'm realizing why I don't do this very often.  

I'm not good at keeping my camera with me or taking pictures at (potentially) weird moments.
I spend Thursday mornings at the school and then had a meeting afterward so I was gone for most of the day.

Please notice the very little amount of studying that is occurring around here.  Anyway, it was another busy day.  I really don't prefer to be gone this much as we all do better when things are less crazy.  

Oh well.

Morgan got some new shoes in the mail.  They are her, sparkle and shine.

Jeff had a graduation dinner to go to last night.  At the very last minute I thought to take his picture. Obviously, I did not think to move him to a nicer background.  (Does anyone want to come pull weeds from our gravel?)

Miss M. read bedtime stories to me and a very reluctant Connor.
Nothing says class in a photo like an athletic sock keeping my toes warm.  

Real life, people.  Real life.

There's so much in between and yet it's hard for me to capture.  We are just doing this thing.  Sometimes it is pretty and sometimes it's not (hello horrible earache I had Thursday night).  

But it is all a blessing.  Every single minute whether I appreciate it or not.


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