Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning

Early morning rose


I keep thinking it's Monday.  

I guess that's downside to long weekends, I spend the next four days feeling behind.  We had a great weekend but with a busy week ahead the thought of getting it all done (not that that ever actually happens) is daunting.  This week is even shorter as we are taking Friday off to hit the beach to celebrate Miss Morgan's 7th birthday.  (No, we wouldn't normally take the kids out of school on their birthday but Jeff is off Friday and works the rest of the weekend.  So, we decided to go for it.)

On the flip side, the peace and quiet is even more welcome and appreciated.  I sometimes wonder how exactly I got through those days with three under four (or five).  When I look back I know it was hard but I just don't remember it that way.  Time does that, I guess. With these hours of quiet I can not only catch my breath a bit, but also study.  

Anatomy is having it's way with me and it's not fun.  As I told Jeff the other day, it feels as if nothing happens with the information once the words pass my eyes.  Not good or fun but I'm plugging away and hoping to wrap it up before the kids finish school.

Having everyone home all day did reminded me that I need to get some plans in place for summer.  We don't do well going all the time but I definitely need to have some things I can go to when we're all starting to lose it a bit.  The thought of summer is also making a bit nostalgic for all that we left back in Colorado.  

Our friends definitely top the list but so do the amazing parks, library, jump house place and much more. Yes, we're in Italy but not every day is an Italian vacation of sight seeing and meals out.  Some times we just need to keep the kids busy.

So, any tips? What fun things are in store for your family this summer?  


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