At the pool

Though I hate to admit it, for me this summer has been mainly about survival.  Simply getting through the day (or hour as the case may be).

From where I stand right now, Summer 2012 is the year that I was (still) bitter about moving and missing my life in Colorado, frustrated that Jeff seemed to always be working or sleeping thanks to his crazy schedule or wishing that I was more connected in my new life here in Italy.  It’s been tough and sadly I’ve found myself wishing too many days away.

C at the ocean

Thankfully, given all of the “you’re the best mom ever” and “can we go back to the river” comments, I think the children enjoyed themselves and will remember it fondly.  (Of course as is likely true in any house with three school aged kids there has been plenty of “you’re the worst mom ever” and “this is so boring” so maybe I’m kidding myself).

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Ljubljana, Slovenia



Lake Bled, Slovenia


Lake Bled, Slovenia

Yet, if I step aside, take a deep breath and reflect a bit.  The truth is that despite the grumpiness, frustrating schedule, and moments of loneliness, it wasn’t so bad.  While there weren’t any huge trips or grand plans, simply throwing in some breathing room, many days spent at the river and a little bit of travel amongst the daily life of our little family ended up being just about right.


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