Counting through the Lens

Morning light




I’ve mentioned how much I love 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp
several times.  The idea of giving thanks
in all circumstances and how that can shape one’s perception of life is

Over the past weeks, I’ve been rereading the book with my friends in Ft.
Collins, Alice and Mindy (Yahoo for Facetime!!).  We agree that the actual counting and writing
of gifts is the key to changing our perspective and yet it seems to be a challenge
for all three of us.  It’s so simple and
so hard in the midst of our day-to-day craziness. 

As we’ve talked through this, and other issues, I’ve been
drawn (and encouraged) to pick up my camera more.  To change my perspective while embracing something
that brings me great joy in and of it self. 

For me, gratitude flows when I view life, in all of its
wonderful mess, through the lens.

As that perspective shifts, the counting begins again. 


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