This boy of mine. 

He’s our silly, feisty, goofy one. 

The youngest, and lately, the most challenging.

As summer approached, I began to get nervous about how on
earth we would manage the days with all of the sibling arguments and complaints
about being bored.  And, to be honest, I
wondered how I would survive having this one home all day every day for three
months.  I had tried to get him into camp
with his brother and sister but he isn’t old enough.

Connor not going to camp turns out to have been the biggest
blessing of the summer.  Because having
him home, alone with me has reminded me of what a sweet treasure he is. 

I’m realizing that much of his frustrating behavior stems
from the fact that he has been in school every day from 9-4 since we moved
here.  While this was a huge positive
with regards to his learning Italian, it meant that the only time he was home
was during the two most challenging parts of the day; before school and evening
(with all of the lovely dinner and bedtime stress fun).  He came home wanting attention from Jeff and
I and while we didn’t ignore him it often wasn’t quality one-on-one love from
his mom and dad. 

This past week (and for the next two) Jack and Morgan have spent each afternoon
at camp in our town. This gives Connor and I four hours to read,
cook, rest and play just the two of us. 

It is a gift. 

I’ve realized again how funny, creative and loving he is.  It has been a delight.  One I will embrace over the next two weeks
and cherish as we shift into a new school rhythm this fall.  


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