31 Days Living in Italy


This Saturday marks the second anniversary of our arrival in Italy.  That simply blows my mind.  Each day, every adventure and every low point we've experienced has just gone by so quickly. 


For those that may not know, we're a military family assigned to Northern Italy on a four year tour.  While this would seem like a dream to most, I initially resisted embracing this opportunity with all that was in me.  Our previous assignment was one that we should have been able to stay at through retirement and we loved where we were.  We embraced our community and lifestyle.  When that call came (the one that we had debated working towards getting but never jumped on) I was strong but deep down so sad.  All of our plans were out the window with four months notice.  




(And there is so much in between.)

Two years later I've fully adjusted to and embraced this gift we've been given.  It truly is the one that we'd gotten too comfortable to dive in towards.  My hope over the next 31 days is to share tiny pieces of the country that has changed my perception of life.  

La bella vita.



31 Days Living in Italy

1.  Intro

2.  Two Worlds Collide

3.  Slow Living

4.  On Mourning

5-8.  Sick Days!  

9.  On Laundry

10. Ring the Bells



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