On Laundry

So, there goes the 31 days thing.  I came down with a nasty head cold late last
week and just couldn’t put together a decent thought.  Seeing as I have never been one to write posts
in advance, there just was no way I was going to get a post up.  Throw in a few technical glitches and well
here we are.  I’m giving myself grace and
moving on.

To get back on track today I’ll share about one of the less glamorous aspects
of living in Italy. 



One would think that the process of making sure your family
has clean clothes would be the same all over the world.  Or at least throughout the first world. 

You would be wrong. 

We were given a washer and dryer to borrow during our time
here. However, they aren’t the massive, efficient machines of America.   Both are much smaller than those that we are
used to and the dryer doesn’t really dry it just takes most of the water
away.  Plus, because of the way the electricity
is wired, we can only run one at a time. 
Which is a challenge when you have laundry for five. 

Thankfully, we had gotten used to almost always hang drying
our clothes while we were still in Colorado so the transition to that was

Making it all even better is that we not only have a huge laundry room which
makes it easy to have three drying racks up and in use at all times but we have
a balcony off the laundry room.  Which
means we have the view above whenever we move the racks outside (which is
almost always). 

There is nothing like catching a glimpse of the sunrise over Austria (yes, we
can see the mountains of Austria from there) as you hang laundry at 6:00 on a
Monday morning.

My sister said it best when she told me, “I’ve never enjoyed doing laundry as
much as I did on your balcony.”


One thought on “On Laundry

  1. Your MIL loves to do laundry and hang clothes out so when she comes for a visit, expect a little reprieve there cause i’m sure she will be happy to do a few loads for ya!! :o)

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