2013 in Review

January 7

January :: basketball, lunch dates and Connor turns 6


Eiffel Tower, Feb 2013

February :: Carnivale, snow and Paris



March :: cooking classes, Jeff goes to Texas, Mom & Fred visit and I turn 36



April :: Jeff does Seattle, Portland and NYC, light returns


Monday 3

May ::  Friends, Gymnastics and Jeff turns 37 


Not a shabby view.  Lake Garda

June ::  Morgan turns 8, Summer kick-off with friends at Lake Garda, summer fun 



July ::  Celebrating 14 years at the Opera in Verona, swimming, girls' trip to Florence 



August ::  Mondays at Barcis, more swimming, Switzerland 



September ::  a bit more swimming, back-to-school (1st, 3rd, 5th) and Italian Soccer



 October ::  More soccer, hikes, and Halloween



November ::  Alice & Mindy visit, Jack turns 10 and we give thanks with friends



December :: Jeff takes a quick trip to Belgium, we celebrate and let go.

This type of looking back is really fun for me.  Sometimes, it's hard to remember just how much fun we've had over the past year and this is a simple way to do just that.  While there is definitely a need to acknowledge the less fun aspects of previous 365 days, for me that's best done in quiet solitude.  (Also known as when the kids go back to school.)  

This past year has been especially full of connecting with friends.  New people have come into our lives and we're connecting more deeply with others.  For that, I'm especially grateful.  And the travel, Paris and Switzerland were huge highlights for all of us but there were smaller trips that were just as full of fun and memories.  

I do hope to be in this space more in 2014.  It's fun for me to write and share my images (and I know my mother-in-law especially appreciates my posts).  

It's strange to think about, but 2014 will bring us the first of our "lasts" here in Italy and with that will come the beginning of another shift for us and a reminder that if you want to come visit time is running out!