This Week in My Kitchen

Once again I'm joining Heather for her This Week In My Kitchen blog hop (though I'm a day late).  








This week we were back in our own kitchen but our week was a bit different as we had two evenings and one whole day spent at soccer tournaments plus a sick day.  I also helped with a bake sale for a new private organization I'm involved with.  Thus, there wasn't a lot of cooking and was much more baking that I usually do in a given week (aside from bread).  

Jack and I did make the Layered Panigacci with Pesto and Ricotta which all five of us liked a lot (a major win!).  Morgan and I dug out my huge binder of recipes and made "Jim's Cupcakes" for the bake sale.  This is a recipe that my dad got from one of his best friends at least 20 years ago.  It's been our family's go-to ever since.  Both my sister and I noticed immediately when Heather shared a very similar recipe with great updates in one of her workshops.  

Connor also joined me in the kitchen when we made snickerdoodles for the bake sale.  Just the old fashioned, Better Homes and Gardens recipe for that.  

I have high hopes for next week.  It should be a bit less busy and I plan to be more deliberate in making time in the kitchen a priority.  


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