Week in the Life {Thursday}

(Yes, at a stoplight!)

So, I’m realizing why I don’t do this very often.  I’m not good at keeping my camera with me or taking pictures at (potentially) weird moments.

I spend Thursday mornings at the school and then had a meeting afterward so I was gone for most of the day.  Please notice the very little amount of studying that is occurring around here.  Anyway, it was another busy day.  I really don’t prefer to be gone this much as we all do better when things are less crazy.  Oh well.

Morgan got some new shoes in the mail.  They are her, sparkle and shine.

Jeff had a graduation dinner to go to last night.  At the very last minute I thought to take his picture.  Obviously, I did not think to move him to a nicer background.  (Does anyone want to come pull weeds from our gravel?)

Miss M. read bedtime stories to me and a very reluctant Connor.

Nothing says class in a photo like an athletic sock keeping my toes warm.  Real life, people.  Real life.

There’s so much in between and yet it’s hard for me to capture.  We are just doing this thing.  Sometimes it is pretty and sometimes it’s not (hello horrible earache I had Thursday night).  But it is all a blessing.  Every single minute whether I appreciate it or not.

Week in the Life {Wednesday}

After making tortillas

Our girls

About ready to climb in and call it a day.

Wednesday was much less exciting around here as it was just me, the chicks and a sleeping Jeff all day.  Most of the day was spent studying though we did run and grab lunch (was enjoying the sun and forgot to take a picture) and I made tortillas for our bean burrito dinner.  The kids came home and it was the usual routine of homework, dinner, showers, game and bed.

Just a normal day.

Week in the Life {Tuesday}

I’m a huge Ali Edwards fan.  I’m not a scrapbooker but I love her perspective on life and how she documents the daily things.  Last week she documented a week in her life.  I noticed several people doing the same via their blogs and I thought I’d follow suit.

I have no grand plans of documenting what we do each minute or even every hour.  My hope is to catch a glimpse of our days for us to remember and share.

Games at dawnI

The light coming through our rolldown shades always makes such cool shapes.  Plus it makes the messy areas look better.

My boys

Jack was up much of the night with a cough.  Connor had a school holiday.  They hung out all day.

Always laundry

Laundry, always laundry.

Headed to the bus stop.

This was my view as I walked to the bus stop to get Morgan.  Pretend you can feel the 80 degree temps.

Jack, a book and a 35 year old blanket

This boy of ours loves to read.  See that blanket, it was made for me when I was born.  Yes, 35 years ago.  That’s vintage, right?

Dinner prep, Morning edition and homebrew

I love to listen to NPR’s Morning Edition on Oregon Public Broadcasting (yahoo iPad) while I make dinner.  Tonight I also had some home brew.

No words.


No words.  I just love them.

Dinner Conversation


I spent a bit of time going through my Pinterest Boards this morning.  My goal was to see how much of my “pinning” actually turns to “doing.”

One of the ideas I came across (again) was a jar of dinner questions.  I love this!  Our three are old enough where we can have some definite conversation (though not all of these suggestions are appropriate for us, yet).  So, I printed off a bunch of the ideas as well as added my own.


Here are a few of my spinoffs.  Of course, the sky’s the limit.

*  Tell me three things you remember about Ft. Collins.  San Antonio.

*  What’s the best thing about Daddy being in the military?  The worst?

*  Do you think recess is important?  Why?

* What is the hardest part of your life?

* Tell us about school.  What do you like?  Dislike?

* What do you like about our family?  What would you change?

* Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

What questions will you be asking tonight?

An interview

Some friends recently interviewed their children and posted the response on Facebook.  It seemed  like a great idea so one night over dinner I interviewed Jack (Morgan responded to some, hers are in parentheses).  I was not disappointed by the responses.  Here they are:

What is something mom always says to you?

Clean up now

What makes mom happy?

When I smile

What makes mom sad?

When someone dies

How does mom make you laugh?

When you laugh @ Dad (laugh)

What was your mom like as a child?

You loved your mom a lot (3 or 1 or 2 probably, played with toys)

How old is your mom?

How tall is your mom?

Almost as big as the hutch

What is her favorite thing to do?

Sleep (clean up)

What does your mom do when you’re not around

Computer (play w/someone)

If your mom becomes famous, what will i  be for?

Being the best mom

What is your mom really good at?


What is your mom not very good at?

Not yelling* (running, baseball)

What is your mom’s favorite food?

Salad (pizza, salad)

What does your mom do for a job?

Adopt babies (clean up)

What makes you proud of your mom?
Do a good job working w/us

If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?


What do you and your mom do together

Lots of things you and I alone, school (play or play outside)

How are you and your mom the same?

We are both funny

How are you and your mom different?

I have freckles (Mom is big)

What does your mom like most about your dad?

He does funny things (play w/him)

Where is your mom’s favorite place to go?

Out to eat (Chicken Little) 

*I clarified the yelling a bit with him. Apparently I’m yelling anytime I talk a little sternly.

Great News

After 6 months of having Jeff home only about half of the time, he got a new, “regular” job.  He’s gone right now, but this should be his last trip.   YAHOO!  It’ll be so great to have him home every evening and weekends.    Jack was so sweet when we told him, he smiled the whole rest of the evening and the next morning as he told Morgan and Connor he was so excited and went on and on about how “Daddy will be home every night!”  They’ve been troopers but I know it’s been hard on them, as it has Jeff and I.

We’ve been up to the usual.  School, work, play, birthday parties, baths, bedtime…lif e with three small kiddos.  We were able to head up to Rocky Mountain National Park last week and go sledding.  It was such fun!  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures.  I was too afraid something would happen to my camera.  It’s so big.  We really need to get a P&S.

The kids of course continue to do and say funny things.   Here are a few:

Jack recently received a birthday party invite in the mail.  (The third this year.”  His response was, “I’m so fun I keep getting invited to parties.”

Connor has started climbing out of his crib.  This is something the other two never did because they were in big beds at about 20 months.  (We always had to clear out the crib for another babe.)  The other day at nap time I heard footsteps and there is Connor sneaking up the stairs with a big grin on his face.  He was so proud.  The next day he tried to climb out and got stuck.  OOPS!

The kids have started talking about wanting to play intruments and sports.  Our response has always been when you start kindergarten.   Today Morgan said, “Um, I think four is a good age.”  Well of course you do, since that’s how old you’ll be.  In that same conversation Jack said he’d like to take drum lessons.

Finally, because I’ve proven myself to be so on top of updating this blog regluarly (yeah, right!) I’ve started another one.   The purpose of “Life of Five” is really to keep family and friends updated regularly (or quarterly :)) on what we’re up to.  I also try to keep it relatively private.  The new one, “Mama and More,” is mainly my random musings on crafts, cooking, and whatever else.  You can check it out here.

Oh and someday I’ll post some Flickr links and change the blog header. Someday.


Connor turned two this weekend and I simply cannot believe it. We had a great day celebrating with my mom and Fred. It was very low-key with a trip to the museum, lunch at Red Robin, gifts, dinner and cupcakes at home. Lovely.

It seems as though he’s transitioned from baby to boy overnight. He’s talking so much more, seems taller (is in 3T already) and he got his hair trimmed for the first time. Yet, there are still moments when he is still my baby. He definitely loves his mama but enjoys dad a lot, too. He’s sweet, cuddly and rough & tumble all at the same time.

We’re out of the baby stage. It’s official. And weird.

A Funny from Morgan

We’re getting ready to head out for a yummy mexican dinner tonight.  Jeff is talking to the kids about going and reminding them about expected behavior, etc.  He says, “So what do we need to do when we go out to eat?”

Little Miss’ response…”Put underwear on!”*

Yes, that is an important thing to remember.  I cracked up and Jeff actually said, “You have to blog that.”


*She was still in a pull-up from nap time.


That’s the kind of day I’m having. 

If I’m honest, I’m grumpy and really only want to be alone.  That, however, is unlikely to happen as I have three wee ones to care for and a husband who won’t be home until long after bedtime thanks to a work function.  All I can hope for is a lengthy nap by all.  We’re off to be outside, maybe the sun and fresh air will life my spirits.

Oh, and C broke the CD-ROM today.  Fabulous!

Miss Morgan

Since Jack got so much blog time I thought I’d update on the other two giving each their own post.

Morgan continues to be quite the little mama. Not only is she almost constantly rocking, singing to and slinging her babies, yesterday she mothered a worm. Oh yes. The kids were digging for worms and Morgan found one to call her very own. She sang to it, walked it around the yard and even took it for a ride in the neighbor’s little tikes car. What a crack up.

She says the funninest things.

Today after her nap she came upstairs and said, “Mom, I sleepted. (with the “t”) I didn’t even talk.” (She’s been having a hard time staying in her room and laying quietly when it’s time to nap.)

She says things are her best instead of her favorite.

The other day as I was making breakfast (eggs, I think) she said, “I don’t prefer to eat that.”

Little Miss is quite the lady and is really becoming so talkative, outgoing and so much fun. Oh, and she’s so excited to go to school. Too bad she has to wait about 11 months. 🙂