A Day in Italy

Ciao, amici!

There is so much to catch up on.  Not only have we been living in Italy for five weeks already but we had much excitement leading up to our move.

For now, I thought I’d share images from yesterday.  Just a day in the life here in our Italian home.

Thursday 1

The view from our wash room balcony as I hung laundry at sunrise.

Thursday 2

Another angle from the washroom balcony. The persimmon tree huge.

Thursday 3

Our dining room with fruit fresh from the weekly market.

Thursday 4

Looking out the dining room window.

Thursday 6

Planning food for the freezer (aka Jeff’s lunches).

Thursday 7

The focus is off but I loved how the light came through our shutters.

Thursday 5

A sick boy lounging in the family room.

Of course, what these images don’t show are the many boxes still hanging out in the hallways.  We’re close but not there completely.

More soon including Disneyland, Venice and the Cougs in Colorado.

Right Now




Right now…

I am making our second batch of carrot tomato soup in two days. (and pining for my own knives.)

Shaun Groves’ Third World Symphony is singing me along.

A package of gorgeous yarn is calling my name. Hopefully I’ll start a project tonight. (No knitting required.)

Connor is enjoying a new set of legos and I’m thankful for some non-media entertainment in our small temporary place.

Jack and Morgan are at their new school where things improve every day.

Jeff is signing the contract on our house and making arrangements for delivery of our household goods.

I’d say life in Italy is treating us pretty well.