11 Beds

Since we left Texas, Morgan and Connor have been having one heck of a time when it comes to sleep.  Now I’m the first to admit that neither one of them has ever overwhelmed me with their sleeping skills but this has been unusual, even for them.  I’m talking many wakings each night.  From both of them.  Which, of course, results in one tired Mama (and Daddy because he’s up just as much as I am.)
So I got to thinking the other day about how many changes we’ve been through lately and how that has to be playing a role in their sleep struggles.  And that led me to count how many different beds they actually slept in over the course of our travels.  Eleven.  That’s a lot of different beds to sleep in over 30 days!  (This is where I could insert a WSU sorority joke or some similar comment but I’ll pass…)

Thankfully, last night I only was up twice.  One for each of them.  Of course because I’m so used to them waking up 18 times  night (and that’s only a slight exaggeration) I woke up many times concerned because they hadn’t woken up.  Only a mother would be that crazy.

Maybe tonight I won’t be quite as manic.


Make new friends…

but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold.

This much loved song from Girl Scouts has been playing in my mind a lot lately.  It seems to be the theme of life at our house.  Trying to get settled in a new place and make some friends (or at least connections) is a huge undertaking.  I almost feel like I’m dating at I meet people, exchange numbers and then wonder “how long do I wait to call.”  As my dear friend Sara reminded me, “you don’t want to look too lonely.”  But…I am.  Thankfully in the one situation she e-mailed me first, the next day.

I’m also really wanting to make sure and maintain my sweet, amazing friendships that are “old.”  Phone time is just a bit hard to come by.

The same is true for the kids.  Jack and Morgan frequently talk about their friends from Texas but also are anxious to make new ones here.

On Wednesday, we went to a playdate for Jack’s preschool.  As we were getting ready to leave this is what I heard from my sweet boy:
I’m so excited to meet my new friends.

I want to look so handsome.  (As he’s getting dressed, tucking in his shirt and putting on his belt.)

I need to wet down my hair and brush my teeth.

My heart melted.  And he had a ball playing with his new friends.  And we’ll keep going to parks, playdates and every other imaginable function that is kid friendly in hopes of making some new friends that even come close to our “old” ones.

View from the rearview mirror

We finally made it to Washington safe and sound. Fifteen hours on the road yesterday allowed us to get here a day early. We just couldn’t stomach another night in the hotel so we pressed on. It was WELL worth it. The kids did so fabulously I think Jeff and I were both a bit surprised.

Until I have a bit more time to blog, I thought I’d summarize our trip in numbers.

* Total miles driven: 2630, 693 of those were in Texas
* Days on the road: 5
* Hotels slept in: 4 plus a night at Great Grandpas
* States visited: 8 (Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington)
* Restrooms visited: 71 (approximately)
* Houses looked at: 10
* Houses purchased: 1
* Times we heard “This is taking a long time”, “Are we there yet” or some similar comment: 137 (again, approximate)

We’re doing well. Enjoying a rainy, cool Seattle day. Jeff even made a fire this morning.

More soon.

Moving Day.

As I write, two nice men from the moving company are busy packing up all of our earthly possessions. Reality is setting in.

So far everything has gone very well. The kids love being in the hotel. They think it’s the coolest that the TV channels are the same there as at home. That first night Jack and Morgan turned on every light, opened and closed the curtains and jumped on all of the beds. Each evening as bedtime draws near, they ask if we get to sleep at the hotel again. I’m not sure how I wonder when or if the novelty will wear off between now and when we finally get in our house. So far the only real tricky part has been getting everyone to sleep. Well, that and trying to maintain the volume to a level that is respectful of our neighbors. Those poor souls. They’re getting much more than they bargained for, I’m sure.

Overall, they seem to be holding up ok. When we talk about the move, Jack always says he’s excited. This morning, though, when it was time to load up the fish to take to our friends he got teary and sad. I explained that we couldn’t take them with us and that wasn’t it better that they could be with our friends than all alone. (Of course, I didn’t tell him that the alternative would be that we flush them town the toilet. I have a heart, you know.)
My friends have been a huge help. Sara kept the kids yesterday so we could go out and celebrate Jeff’s 32nd birthday. We had a great time browsing Barnes and Noble and enjoying Houlihans happy hour. The kids of course had a ball. Today, they’re at Kerri’s and I’m sure much fun is being had there too. Plus, both girls have made meals for us. It is such a huge help! Tomorrow J and M have dentist appointments then we’re going to play at Susannah’s while our stuff is actually loaded on the truck. Friday is going to be here before we know it.

I’m still not sure how the actual drive is going to go. Yesterday we hadn’t been in the car more than five minutes and Morgan said “When are we going to get there. We’ve been in the car a really long time.” Oh my sweet girl, you have no idea what’s ahead. No idea at all.

*One note, I do have the link to Flickr but most pictures are set to “Friends/Family” only. So, if you don’ t have access and would like it, let me know.