In the Garden

Having a new yard brings all kinds of surprises.  This one has had many more than any of our other yards (probably combined).  

We have our first rose garden, the hydrangea that I've been pining for and pear trees that seem to be very fruitful.  We also have an unimaginable amount of weeds.  From what we've been told, the yard has been properly cared for in about 20 years.  

That means a lot of work for us.

We love it and are moving slowly but surely (and with the help of paying the kids in 15 minute increments to weed).  We've tended to what was already here and put in a garden which we are watching in anticipation.
I thought I'd share a glimpse around the prettier parts of our yard.

First rose.

We've lived in 6 houses so far and these are our first rose bushes.  This one smells like lemon.

Pear babies

We have at least five pear trees and they all seem to be fruit bearing.  I see a lot of canning in our future.

Wild strawberry

Oh, wild strawberries.  You vixen.  You're so cute on the surface and then I look closer and see your vines everywhere.  The chicks love your fruit so you do have an up side.

Bees and flowers

I have no idea what this is.  I really wish I was more knowledgeable when it comes to plants.  I loved watching this bee do his thing.

Yarrow, I think.

I think this is yarrow.  It seems it's popping up not only all over my yard but in tons of my reading material. Whatever it is, I like it.